YouTargetr Software Stop Wasting Money On FB Ads Use This Instead

Youtargetr is a cloud based software anyone can use from any device without needing you to download any application on your device. Youtargetr is a Video Marketing app and it combines the amazing power of Google and Youtube and it enables you with the search ability to provide you with the right videos or niche-specific trending videos that you can target in your Youtube ads while monetizing them. Youtargetr allows you to spend less time with advertising and it will save money while you will be getting (Penny Clicks) as maximum results from Youtube video Ads.

Youtargetr Software Instant Download By Victory Akpomedaye

Youtargetr Software Gives You Massive YouTube Traffic

  • Enter any keyword to find the most popular keywords on Youtube or Google you should target.
  • Enter the chosen keyword you want to target in the system (in any niche your business is in).
  • Customize your search results to find hundreds of monetized videos you can place your videos ads on.
  • Copy results to clipboard or export your video URLs into a target group for future purposes.
  • Load those URLs into your video ads campaign for laser-targeting.

Here Are Some Powerful Features Built Into YouTargetr :

  • Robust geolocation Video Rank Checker that lets you see the exact rank of any video per keyword per location.
  • Incredible dual-source keyword research or suggestion tool that provides you with keyword ideas right within the portal. The tool even supports geotargeting and powerful wildcard search capability.
  • Built-in channel search functionality, search a particular channel for trending videos and monetized videos, including their data ie description, tags, video rank for that keyword, and even transcripts.
  • Easy but robust Geolocation Keyword research functionality, utilizing the incredible power of both Google and Youtube search engine for trending keywords or videos on both platforms per location.
  • Plus newbie-friendly Youtube ads training anyone can follow to start driving penny clicks to their offers almost immediately.

With Youtargetr you can search for monetized and non-monetized videos and channels easily. This makes it easier to target ads placement and boost rankings on both Google and Youtube at the same time.