WP Crypto Cash Plugin Making Profitable Crypto Cash 100% Autopilot!

WP Crypto Cash is a wordpress plugin allows you to build your cryptocurrency portfolio without investing. With WP Crypto Cash you can turn your website visitors into your very own hive of cryptocurrency worker bees. WP Crypto Cash offers your website visitors rewards (any kind of downloadable goods, or anything you can deliver via html) in exchange for letting you use a small portion of their CPU (computer processing power) to mine coins. This is the easiest and most risk free way to earn real crypto currency with zero investment (other than the low software cost) completely automated!. WP Crypto Cash is very easy to use. The only requirement is that you have a self hosted wordpress blog, if you’ve got that you’re more than ready to go.

WP Crypto Cash WordPress Plugin PRO Instant Download

WP Crypto Cash New WordPress Plugin Build Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio Without Investing

  • 100% legal and ethical.
  • Safe, Secure and Profitable.
  • Automatically earn valuable crypto coins.
  • So easy your Grandma could do it in under 2 minutes.
  • No Risk, No need to invest your own money in crypto.
  • Free simple setup videos, where to go and what to do.
  • Multi-site License, use on as many blogs as you like.

WP Crypto Cash Is Easy To Set Up & Highly Customisable

  • Mobile Detection, As this wordpress plugin will be using some of the devices power supply, it’s recommended that this is turned off, but you have full control over all of settings in your admin dashboard.
  • Miner Settings, Choose how much of your website visitors computer power you use, keep it under 10% (recommended) and they’ll never notice the difference – or crank it up to 100% and earn more coins faster.
  • Easy Miner Setup, Click a link, sign up (free), then click another link and get your keys.
  • Connect Your Autoresponder, Visitors are asked to add their email in to claim prizes before they start mining for you, you can have them automatically added to your autoresponder.
  • Prebuilt Prizes Or Create Your Own With Our WYSIWYG Editor, Prizes are automatically delivered via email when your website visitor reaches the targets set by you.
  • Prize Settings, Choose how often to reward, how many prizes to give and when to give them!
  • Plugin Display Settings, Customise how your attention bar looks and what it says, and the popup box as well.

WP Crypto Cash Fast Action Bonuses!

  • Bonus #1: WP InstaPixel (Valued at $37), Simplest way to create targeted facebook audiences, based on ANY criteria you like, Easy to use. Just upload, install and add your FB pixel.
  • Bonus #2: WP Spin Win Plugin (Valued at $47), Add an irresistable spinning wheel game to your blog, capture leads & close more sales!. Very fun way to boost your sales and it’s totally done for you and ready to go straight out of the box.

WP Crypto Cash is must have software, making profitable crypto cash fully automated for you. If you want to have the fastest way to tapping in to the profits waiting for you in the world of crypto currency then WP Crypto Cash is for you!.

Rating: (5/5 Stars)