ScriptReel Software Create Multi-Lingual Video Captions Automatically

ScriptReel is an easy to use video app to automatically create and add captions in any video automatically. If you hate writing captions or subtitles manually, ScriptReel is gold for you. It will automatically transcribe the audio, create captions, lets you customise them, translate them and put them on your videos, all in minutes. ScriptReel is cloud-based software that automatically lets you convert and translate video into different languages and also create auto captions for the video. ScriptReel is a 100% whitehat video translation and auto-caption creation app and in no ways violates any TOS, making sure your accounts are fully safe.

ScriptReel Software Instant Download Pro License By Abhi Dwivedi

10 reasons why you need to seriously consider adding ScriptReel to your online business

  • No Monthly Payment.
  • Cloud Based Nothing to Install.
  • Upload & Translate Video Of Any Length.
  • Translate Your Video Audio into 17+ different languages.
  • Translate Your Captions into 100s of different languages.
  • 100% Newbie-friendly. Create & Translate up to 500 Videos per day.
  • Automatically Translate the Audio of Video into Different Language Audio.
  • Automatically Create & Add Captions & Subtitles on your videos.
  • Automatically Translate Captions & Subtitles to a different language.
  • Commercial License Included. (Create videos for clients…big $$$s).

ScriptReel comes packed with…

  • AutoCaption Translation Technology, Convert your auto-captions into 12 different languages including Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. PRO users can translator to 92 different languages.
  • AutoCaption Placement Technology, ScriptReel uses its ever adapting artificial intelligence to automatically place the correct caption at the correct time in the video.
  • Multi-Lingual Audio Creation Technology, You can can convert your videos into different language audios from 27 different languages.
  • AutoCaption Creation Technology, ScriptReel automatically extracts the audio from your English or Spanish videos, transcribes them and converts them into auto-captions using machine learning AutoCaption Creation Technology.
  • Upload a Video or Enter a YouTube URL, You can either upload a video from your computer to creation captions and translate or simply enter any YouTube video URL and ScriptReel will automatically download it for you to use.
  • YouTube & Facebook Upload Features, Publish these videos as live videos on FB using LIVEreel and SyVID to publish these videos on 8 video sites and share video links on 15 social media sites.

ScriptReel comes with SyVID integration, allowing you to seamlessly push your translated video into your SyVID account and share them across 8 different video sites and 15 different social networks to get more viral traffic, leads and sales than ever before.