Mobiflux New WP Plugin Capture & Multiply Your Mobile Traffic

Mobiflux is made with months of research to help entrepreneurs like you multiply your mobile traffic by implementing a highly successful, tried and tested strategy used by mobile apps. Mobiflux is the first ever wordpress plugin that lets you capture and multiply your mobile traffic. It’s twin action system gives you the ultimate in traffic and lead generation no matter what you are marketing online. WP Mobiflux will do the rest for you. It will not only get you traffic and leads, but also multiply them. Mobiflux is a cloud based system that allows you to showcase your call-to-actions or banner ads anywhere around your content in an optimized approach for mobile. As a result your captivating ads will fill up the whole screen along with the attractive call to actions.

WP Mobiflux Software Instant Download Pro License By Cyril Gupta

Mobiflux make mobile sites easy to use for mobile visitors

  • Get the best CTRs and returns with interstitial ads on mobile.
  • Increase user attention and action by popping up your ad and call-to-action after a few seconds.
  • Make your mobile traffic take action by showing mobile style banner ads and call-to-action only to them.
  • Bring your visitors back again and again by sending them email notifications when their content is unlocked.
  • Unlock rewards and send your visitors anywhere you want. Landing pages, sales pages, and affiliate offers.

With Mobiflux you can turn every mobile visitor into a customer

  • Interstitials On Your present Site. Your interstitial ads show up filling the entire screen with your CTAs on mobile devices.
  • Mobile Banners On Your present Site. Your mobile banner ads and call to actions show up below or above your content just like mobile app ads on mobile devices.
  • Secret Feature. Every visitor brings you 3 more vistors. Put giveaways in secure mobile targeted lockers, giving your users access after they have driven the visitors you want.

Mobiflux is for everyone. It will push you forward even if your scale is small. If you are a beginner. It will work with at your place and work with your clients with great strategies and methods.