LIVE Engager Software Supercharge Your Results With Live Video

Live Engager is brand new software that you can use to create videos with polls. Using voting polls is one of the best attention-grabbing methods on Facebook, and Live Engager help you master it!. Live Engager is the simple to use software that helps explode engagement, leads and cash all on-demand Tapping into the power Of Facebook. Live Engager contains lot of video templates, you can customize it and launch it into your fanpage to gran more engagement and also sales. Live engager can help put more money in your pocket while creating a ton of leads all by letting you quickly and easily create videos with polls that you can customize until your heart’s content.

LIVE Engager Software Instant Download Agency License

Live Engager will allow you to combine the power of video with polls and give you the social power inside your niche.

  • Supercharge your results with live video. nothing works better than video. And rightfully so since we all are visual people. When you incorporate video into your marketing and Fanpages, you exponentially increase your brand awareness, profits, leads, and more.
  • Be everywhere all at the same time. If you manage multiple groups and pages, now you can schedule live videos in every single one without having to do it one at a time. Imagine the amount of time this will save you while you reap the benefits!
  • Get more views and longer interactions. It’s a known fact that Facebook Live videos are watched up to 3x longer than videos that aren’t live. Using this knowledge along with Live Engager can not only increase sales, but also create rabid fans in the process!

Here’s a full list of what Live Engager can do for your Fanpage marketing :

  • Easy to use FB live scheduler that brings more leads and sales!. Live Engager also allows you to take advantage of FB Live by giving you the option to schedule any of your video polls as a live video! This one option alone is huge!.
  • Real time reactions will help bring you more free Facebook traffic. By having a lot of activity going on with your videos, not only do your fans start to share and like your videos, but then it starts to increase your reach in the Facebook realm.
  • Quickly and easily create videos with polls. Live Engager makes it easy for anyone to get up and running quickly. Just simply choose from one of the many templates (see below), customize it till your heart’s content, and then launch it on your Fanpage to grab more engagement from the market!
  • Six voting templates complete with hashtag ability. hashtags are still a big deal despite what some fake guru might tell you. That’s why people use them so much. Well now you can take advantage of that extra traffic by incorporating hashtags (trending ones too) right into your favorite polls or contests!
  • Detailed statistical tracking at its finest. Along with all of the incredible features of Live Engager, we want to let you have the option to see how your videos are working for you. With the Live Engager platform, you can see a birds eye view of every video you publish with Live Engager and how well each one performs.

Live Engager is the simple to use software that helps explode engagement, leads and cash all on-demand Tapping into the power of Facebook.